US Postal Servace Democrats are causing a Total Disaster

US Postal Servace Democrats are causing a Total Disaster because they won't even answer a phone at USPS offices. I called in 20 offices with no answers on even when opening read below and uderstand why this has caused a gal in the office helping people paying about $!.25 mailing a letter with 8 diferent people in an hour means she is paid $13 dollars plus an hour to work so the 8 mailing letters charges of $1.25 each equals $10 so the mail transportation and delivery is free and won't happen long because she is paid more than the mailing charges are. Now we know the charging will have to go up to $3 and more for a letter instead. Now you understand why the phones can't be answered by a worker geting hourly payment of $13. Now you know why everything is more expensive in this Country USA now.                So many Mexicans are working her now because $13 an hour equals 221 Pesos so working 40 hours a week in the US equals $1,768 pesos a day and then 8,840 pesos a week so when they go home it makes their families very rich. Now we know why Mexicans registered to vote here are supporting Democrats

-Read This Below and You will understand what is happening in this United States  Country Now

Here is What is happening in the USA Now after the last Presidential Election.

When the Democrats Raised the working Prices Howerly to $13 an hour,  It made the Democrats look Better. But a Year later it made the prices on everything you buy a much higher price because it cost much more workers making things to sell them. Before the next Presidential election the President will maybe raise being paid to $18 dollars or more so it will go higher up to make purchases. Now you understand why the USA was way up before because what is made in other countries is very cheap now. The Mexican Peso now is 17 Pesos worth one Dollar so we Win. So now in a few years a 1 Peso will be worth a Dollar so everything we buy millions of dollars for now will cost us Billions of dollars so we loose and we wont be Country number 1 ever again. Even China prices are going up because their sales into the USA give them Millions of Dollars. When our Dollar goes down in Value we won't buy Chinese items so we will have to make everything much more expensive see here on this web site next year more information.